Wonder Wipe, Wet N Clean, Pack of 5

Wonder Wipe, Wet N Clean, Pack of 5

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Description - 

Introducing the wonder Wipe. This is a new and improved way of keeping your precious kitchen surfaces clean and ensuring it gets the special treatment it deserves. The high quality celluloid based material is able to absorb 10 times its weight ensuring you have a one wipe cleaning experience without any hassles of a dripping cloth. In addition the Wonder Wipe provides a scratch free cleaning process with no water marks remaining on the surface giving you a shine like no other cleaning cloth.

Specification -

  1. Single swipe clean for a mess free kitchen
  2. The cellulose based sponge cleans any mess in a single swipe
  3. Absorbs water 10 times its own weight
  4. Does not leave behind any water marks while swiping
  5. Completely lint free and 100% scratch free cleaning