Multi Purpose Glass, 280 ml, 2021 Ginga, Nadir Glass, Set of 12

Multi Purpose Glass, 280 ml, 2021 Ginga, Nadir Glass, Set of 12

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Description - Nadir Figueiredo is world’s largest manufacturer of household products. The brand is selling at over 120  countries.280ml 2021 Ginga Multi Purpose glass is perfect to add class to your restaurant glassware. Nadir glasses are manufactured from soda lime glassware, making them 100 percent hygienic and shock resistant. The Multi Purpose glass has dimensions of 7.4cm x 10.3cm and weighs around .15kg. The Glass is thick, tempered, heat resistant, dish washer safe and durable. The glass is cylindrical in shape and is an impressive way for serving your selection of Long drinks, water and other drinks. With a capacity of 280ml, the glass is an effective and a stunning way to serve drinks and improve upon your pub glassware. For buying cheap glassware and Barware in bulk for restaurants, cafes, bistros, bars and hotels visit FNBfleet, Online hospitality store.

Specification - Volume - 280 ml

Dimension - 7.4 x10.3 cm

Weight - 0.15 kg

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