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Ice Tong, 12 Pieces

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Description - A well-maintained bar requires a proper set of barware. Ice tong is an essential barware. Besides making it easy to hold ice cubes, it maintains hygiene standard as well. So there is no need to worry about the germs on service staff’s bare hands.  It has claw-shaped ends for lifting ice blocks. It allows you to put them in glasses without splashing while serving the drinks. This metal ice tong is shiny finished with elegant design, which gives a rich look to your kitchen and bar utensil. You can easily clean them with a cloth, or in a dishwasher, or by hand. Buy ice tongs for ice buckets at a very fair price.  Explore the best at fnbfleet for your pubes, banquets, cafes, bistros, bar, hotel and restaurant products at a very reasonable price.

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