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Bar Strainer, 2 Pieces

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Description - A perfect bar must be fulfilled with all the required barware. A bar strainer is most basic need of your kitchen or bar. This is provided with sieve like structures and a prong. All you have to do is to keep this strainer on the mouth of your cocktail shakers. It is a perfect device to remove ice cubes and remaining of ingredients while pouring into a serving glass. Its prong is made in such a way that it can easily stay on glass rims. It is super- finished with sleek design, which gives a rich look to your kitchen and bar utensils. It allows you to make drinks as per your need, without any hustle on taste buds. It is dishwasher friendly; you can easily clean it with clothes. Explore different kinds of barware, bar equipment, cocktail equipment, barware set, bartender equipment for your pubes, banquets, cafes, bistros, bar, hotels and restaurant at a very reasonable amount.

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